Extraction Arms

Extract-All® offers a full line of High-Performance, Industrial Fume Extraction Arms designed for direct-source capture of various airborne contaminants. Extraction Arms provide exhaust arm smoke, dust, mist and fume collection for welding, grinding, chemical vapors, powder mixing, solvent fumes, and laser cutting applications. Extraction Arms offer greater flexibility and ease of use while efficiently and cost-effectively directing contaminates away from the work area. Extraction Arms are easily adjusted up and down, and all units swing a full 360 degrees for precise positioning when table-mounted.

Extraction Arms Single-Station and Multi-Station Setups

Use our Precision Source Capture Arms to accommodate single-station and multi-station setups. Our Industrial Extraction Arms come with mounting brackets ready for the wall, ceiling, bench, or floor mounting. Use connecting ductwork such as Y or T fittings to add additional extraction arms for your multi-station setup.

Flexible, Versatile and Easy To Use Extraction Arms

Moving and directing your extraction arm is easy, the snorkel arm and snorkel components quickly move up and down, and the arm hood swivels up to 360 degrees for precise positioning. All of the extraction arm units swing a full 180 degrees from left to right, when wall-mounted. There is no need to disassemble the unit to adjust the arm tension. Simply turn the easily-accessible knobs to tighten or loosen the joints, and the arm remains securely where you put it. On 6’ and 8’ long arms, a sealed gas support cylinder ensures that the proper position is maintained. Brackets that come with the unit provide versatile mounting on the wall, ceiling, or stand.

Adding and Sizing Your Extraction Arms to Your Exhaust Blower

Extract-All® offers a variety of sizes of exhaust blowers to extract fumes and dust from a variety of Source-Capture pickup hoods. Exhausters range from fractional HP, to 5HP Exhaust Blowers.

Our 350 Watt Blower- Handles One or Two 2.5” or 3″ Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 1/2 HP Blower- Handles up to Six 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One 4” Diameter Extractor Arm.

Our 3/4 HP Blower- Handles up to Ten 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One- 4” or, One 6”, or, One 8” Diameter Extractor Arm.

Our 1.5 HP Blowers- Are specifically designed to direct connect to our 6” and 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 3 HP Blowers- Are specifically designed to direct connect to our 6” and 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 5 HP Blower- Will Handle up to Eight 4″ Diameter Extractor Arms. Or, up to three 6” or 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.