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SP-981-2B Portable Fume Extractor


The Extract-All™ Model SP-981-2B Portable Air Cleaner is a Multi-Purpose, Self-Contained, Fume Extraction System. This Two-Stage Filter System is a Source Capture air cleaner which captures airborne contaminants directly at the source and safely removes them before clean air is released into the room. The filtered air results in optimal working conditions and higher productivity in the workplace, with lower costs in energy and housekeeping.

The SP-981-2B comes standard with Two 3” Diameter, self-supporting articulating extractor arms. Arms are made of heavy-duty, chemical, abrasion, and heat resistant polypropylene with flame retardant characteristics. Reach is from 36” to 53”. The ends of the arms can be flared up to 4 1/2” in diameter or as small as 2” in diameter. Unlike other systems on the market, our unique extractor arms have no internal supports or articulated bends, which restrict airflow. CFM is increased by up to 50% over internally supported arms.
The portability of this system makes it ideal to use in general applications and locations, including difficult to reach places.
Multiple Filter combinations available to accommodate countless applications that require- Fume, Dust, Smoke, and Vapor removal.

Optional third stage filtration may be used simultaneously with the standard two stage set up.

• (2) Self-Supporting 3” Diameter Source-Capture Extractor Arms
• Inlet Cap to close off inlet- For single Arm use
• Power Cord with Plug
• Caster Base Cabinet

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Select contaminant(s) you want to filter out.
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Chemical / Particulate Combinations
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  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • Unlike other systems on the market, our unique extractor arms have no internal supports or articulated bends, which restrict airflow. CFM is increased by up to 50% over internally supported arms.
  • Compact yet heavy duty design. Powder Coat Paint Finish inside and out.
  • Blower Motor rated at 100,000 Continuous Duty Hours
  • All Electrical Components and Filter Media are UL and CE Approved
  • Heavy-Duty Casters Provide Easy Mobility
  • Three Year Warranty


350W, 2.8 amps, 120/1/60, 2000 RPM,
Variable speed control & power cord w/ plug.


14 Gauge Steel. Baked Polyurethane powder painted (exterior and interior).

Standard Dimensions:

18” W x 42 1/2” H x 12 3/4” D
(Not including arms and filter)

Standard Weight:

54-78 Ibs. depending on options.

Extractor Arms:

(2) 3” Diameter Self-Supporting Extractor Arms
• Made of Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Polypropylene.
• Withstands Temperatures from -40 to 180° F


*Duct Velocity through Standard Extractor Arms

Average - 3800 FPM Extractor Arm velocity with one
Extractor arm in use.

Average - 2250 FPM Extractor Arm velocity with two arms in use.


63 dBA, with standard high capacity cartridge and two extractor arms.

*Note: Velocity is based on a clean standard filter cartridge. Performance varies with other filter combinations.

Adhesive (Glue) Fumes
Anesthesia Procedures
Animal Necropsy
Animal Surgery
Art Restoration
Art Conservation
Chemical Fume Removal
Chemical Transfer
Clean Room Applications
Cleaning with Solvents
Cover Slipping
Food Testing
General Laboratory Fumes & Dust
Ink Fumes
Laser Etching
Laser Fumes
Laser Marking
Laser Printing
Light Welding
Mail Handling Operations
Pharmaceutical Compounding
Plastic Heat Bending
Polishing Applications
Powder Weighing
Robotic Welding
Rotary Evaporator
Sanding Operations
Slide Preps
Small Grinding Operations
Chemical & Miscellaneous Mixing
Spot Board - Dry Cleaners
Toxic Chemical Fumes
Toxic Fumes
Toxic Gases
Toxic Particulate
Toxic Powders
Toxic Vapors
Veterinary Procedures
Wire Stripping