S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator (350 Watt) W/ Hepa Filter
S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator (350 Watt) with HEPA Filter 1S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator (350 Watt) with HEPA Filter 2S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator (350 Watt) with HEPA Filter 3

S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator (350 Watt) with HEPA Filter


TThe build-up of heat, dust, smoke, oil mist, and dirt can be harmful to electrical enclosures and electronic devices. The Extract-All® S-985-2A Filtering Cabinet Ventilator filters air from electronic enclosures and removes contaminants through a 2-ply polyester Pre-filter and high-efficiency HEPA cartridge filter.


• 2-ply, Polyester Pre-filter
• Pleated HEPA Cartridge Filter
• Universal Mounting Bracket

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  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • A High performance method of cooling and filtering your electrical and electronic enclosures, while positively pressurizing them with ultraclean air
  • A simple and inexpensive way of extending the life of sensitive electrical and electronic components – thus reducing maintenance and down time!
  • Although designed primarily for electrical enclosures, the versatile filtering cabinet enclosure can be used to maintain other shop or office enclosures.
  • Compact design makes it easy to install on any size enclosure. Multiple units may be used for larger size or compartmentalized enclosures.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Far More Powerful, with a Much Higher Level of Filtration, than standard “muffin fans” with mesh filters.
  • Far less bulky than air conditioners and compressed air coolers, with superior filtration, and Far Lower Purchase and Operating Costs.
  • 5 Year Warranty

Blower/Motor Assembly:

Totally enclosed, thermally protected; ball bearing.
350W, 2.8 amps, 120/1/60, 2000 RPM

Typical Motor Life:

100,000 hours (depending on operating conditions, including ambient temperature, duty cycle, etc.)

Noise Level:

66 dB @ 5’, when mounted on cabinet.


14 lbs.

Rated Fan Performance:

350 CFM @ .5” E.S.P.; 240 CFM @ 2.0” E.S.P., 100 CFM @ 2.75” E.S.P.