Extract-All™ Model B-982-2

Extract-All™ Model B-982-2


While we always recommend Filtering and Recirculating contaminated air, there are applications that require indoor pollutants to be exhausted to the outside or through a central Filter System. Four sizes of exhaust blowers can also be used to extract fumes and dust from a variety of Source-Capture pickup hoods. These High Performance exhaust blowers can also be used in conjunction with our line of Extractor Arms.
350 Watt Blower-Handles One-Two 2.5” or 3″ Diameter Extractor Arms
1/2 HP Blower- Handles up to Six 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One 4” Diameter Extractor Arm
3/4 HP Blower- Handles up to Ten 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One- 4” or, One 6”, or, One 8” Diameter Extractor Arm.
5 HP Blower- Will Handle up to Eight 4″ Diameter Extractor Arms. Or, up to Three 6” or 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.

• Mounting Brackets
• Wiring

*NOTE: If these items are ordered with 415V/3 ph/50 electrical, a $161.00 net extra charge, per unit, will be added to the distributor net price.

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  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Long Motor Life
  • UL and CE Listed
  • High Static Capabilities
  • Three-Year Warranty


Model B-982-2: 1/2 HP, 120/1/60, 3450 RPM. Open drip proof motor.
UL Listed under the component approval program, and CSA Approved.


Single inlet, radial design. Cast aluminum spark proof fan. Heavy gauge welded steel shell. 4” diameter inlet collar, 5” diameter outlet collar. Gray finish paint. Universal bracket for wall, ceiling, bench or floor mounting.

Rated Fan Performance:

600 CFM @ 3.45” E.S.P.; 480 CFM @ 3.62” E.S.P.; 370 CFM @ 3.82” E.S.P.

Noise Level:

*72-74 dB at 5’, 70-71 dB at 10’, without silencer.
*68-70 dB at 5’, 66-68 dB at 10’, with silencer.
* With (6) extractor arms, plus exhaust duct, attached. Noise levels will vary according to room construction, ambient noise, and attachments to the fan.

Chemical Vapors
Powder Mixing