E-982-1A Extractor Arm

Extract-All™ E-982-1A Extraction Arms


The Extract-All™ 3” diameter, self-supporting, articulating extractor arms are available to source capture soldering fumes, solvent odors, dust from sanding and mixing, and a wide variety of other applications. These smaller diameter arms are perfect for getting into small areas where larger diameter arms might get in the way.
The innovative Extract-All™ arm is made of heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and heat-resistant polypropylene, with flame retardant characteristics. It is highly flexible, can be flared at one end to form a hood or reduced to form a nozzle, and is expandable from 33 to 48 inches.

The Extract-All™ arm is available with a universal bracket assembly for mounting to bench tops/edges and to walls. It is also available with a 24” long wall-mounted swivel boom to increase the arm’s reach.

• Universal Mounting Brackets
• Hose Clamps


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  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • Flexible…Can be bent, twisted, and turned easily without breaking
  • Self-Supporting
  • No Internal Supports – Airflow Increased by up to 50% over externally supported design.
  • Expandable – Diameter can be increased!
  • Heavy Duty – Flame Retardant
  • Durable – Chemical and Abrasion Resistant
  • Three Year Warranty


Heavy duty, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and heat-resistant polypropylene, with flame retardant characteristics

Part No. E-982-1A 3" diameter hard flex extractor arm (expandable from 33" L to 48" L)

Chemical Vapors
Powder Mixing