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Extract-All® 987 AMB ULPA Room Air Scrubber


The Extract-All ® Model 987 ULPA Room Air Scrubber can be used as a recirculating air cleaning system for clinics,
waiting rooms, hospital emergency rooms, schools, nursing homes, offices, gyms, fitness centers, and other confined

By using a selection of multi-stage filter packages, this system is designed to remove chemical fumes, odors, dust,
smoke, mist, and many other irritants and pollutants by using high-efficiency particulate and adsorbent media filters.

Our portable air cleaning system works by drawing in contaminated air through a series of filters. The clean air is then
recirculated back into the room, thus protecting workers from dangerous airborne contaminants.

Model 987-AMB-ULPA includes an ULPA filter that handles fine particulate down to .120 microns such as dust, pollen, fibers, and biological material, including viruses such as COVID-19 which is in the .125 micron range.

• 360˚Ambient Inlet Cover for Maximum Draw
• MERV 10 Pleated Prefilter
• Primary ULPA – 99.99% at .12 microns (COVID-19 is at around .125 microns)
• 7’ Power Cord with Plug
• Variable Speed Control
• Heavy Duty Caster Base


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  • Will filter the air in a room up to 1260 sq. ft.
  • Optimal 360° airflow with Ambient Inlet Cover provides maximum draw
  • High level of filtration in a compact and portable design
  • Heavy duty casters provide easy mobility
  • Blower Motor rated at 100,000 continuous duty hours
  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations and CDC guidelines
  • UL Certified

All systems feature:

  • Three Year Warranty
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Baked polyurethane powder-coated paint finish inside and out
  • Low noise levels

18 gauge steel, polyurethane powder painted outside and inside.

Cabinet Dimensions:
12-1/2” W x 19-1/2” D x 33-1/3” H

Approximately 35 lbs. (Plus additional weight for filter options.)

350W, 2.8 amps, 120/1/60, 2000 RPM, variable speed control, and power cord with plug.

Typical Motor Life:
100,000 hours (depending on operating conditions, including ambient temperature, duty cycle, etc.)

MERV 10 Pleated Prefilter
Primary ULPA - Media Efficiency: 99.99% at .12 microns (COVID-19 is at around .125 microns)

Noise Level*:
64 dBA

*All data has been obtained under controlled conditions. Variables occurring under actual working conditions may cause a slight variance to these specifications. In order to facilitate product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Conference Rooms
Senior Facilities
Locker Rooms