Downdraft Tables

Cleaner Air with High-Efficiency Downdraft Tables

Extract-All® Downdraft Table Systems efficiently protect your health and environment by cleaning the air you breathe. Ideal for sanding, welding, and metal grinding, our high-efficiency downdraft table systems work by drawing contaminants down and away from the operators breathing zone. All of the Extract-All® Downdraft Tables are specifically designed for the effective removal and collection of smoke, dust, fumes, and other airborne contaminants from a wide variety of industrial and other applications, including Grinding Dust, Welding Smoke & Fumes, Woodworking Sawdust, and Finishing Operations.

Our Downdraft Tables feature a 99% efficient Self-Cleaning Cartridge filter, hinged side, and back shield. The Heavy Steel Grating on our downdraft tables provides an excellent and sturdy work surface. Our downdraft tables also feature specialized material options for plasma cutting, scratch-less surfaces, and non-sparking applications. Modular Design allows our downdraft tables to be used individually or in groups. Designed to work side by side, or back to back, we offer downdraft table configurations to fit your requirements. If your requirements change, simply add another downdraft table or split up your existing ones.

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Downdraft Welding Table

Working with a downdraft welding table will protect welders from a variety of harmful contaminants. Welding fume extraction equipment and downdraft tables remove toxic gases and fumes at the source. Choose from one of our high-efficiency downdraft tables to quickly draw contaminants down and away from your breathing zone. Welding fume extraction equipment and downdraft tables remove toxic gases and fumes at the source.

Downdraft Table Panels

Welding fumes contain solid particles from the base metal and any coatings present on the base metal, which are released from welding consumables during metal grinding and welding operations.