Dental Clean Air

The new Extract-All ® model DCA, Dental Clean Air Purifier, will protect dentists, dental professionals and their staff and patients from aerosols and splatter produced by high-speed equipment such as scalers and drills. The new Extract-All ® DCA, Dental Clean Air Suction Purifier is a portable HEPA air filtering system and extraoral suction machine designed to vacuum up and remove contamination from dental aerosols and spatter from bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, and plaque. Designed for Hospital and Dental Clinic use, the DCA, Dental Air Purifier and extraoral suction system will scrub the air of harmful bacteria and viruses that spread infectious disease. Portable HEPA air filtering systems for dental offices are a critical tool in maintaining the health and safety of your dental clinic environment.

Dental Extraoral Suction System Video

The Extract-All ® Dental Clean Air Purifier is a commercial-grade, portable HEPA OR ULPA extraoral suction system designed to remove contamination created by dental aerosol EOS procedures.

Dental Aerosolized Bacteria

The human mouth harbors more than 700 types of bacteria that can linger for more than 30 minutes in the air when aerosolized. Inhaling dental aerosols can transmit infectious diseases. Viruses, including Covid-19, are spread through aerosols, droplets, or direct contact with the respiratory fluids of an infected person. Breathing in or touching contaminated surfaces can also transmit viruses. Because of the ease of transmission, these viruses can spread quickly, making your dental office at high risk for transmission. To protect yourself, your staff, and your patients, dental practices should remain aware of health risks within your local community and take precautions. Dentists can help keep their clinical environments clean with an Extract-All ® DCA, Dental Clean Air Purifier. The Dental Clean Air Purifiers are mobile and easy to use.

Should my Air filtering unit include UV?

Claims for using UV in Air filtering units to fight Covid-19 dismissed by science

While using Ultraviolet light has been used to stop pathogens like Covid-19, its effective use requires dosage controls that are not possible in typical air cleaning units. In addition, Ultraviolet light when improperly used can be extremely dangerous to human skin and eyes.